Tough Problems, Software Solutions

Software Development

Tailored Solutions

No two businesses are alike. We build custom software as unique as your business needs. Whether its replacing spreadsheets or bringing an idea scribbled on a napkin to life, we can build a solution fine-tuned just for you.

Legacy Support

It is far too common for a business to be built around an outdated system that is in need of attention. Let us create a roadmap to get your system up to date and better match your business needs.

Software Integration

Let's get your systems working like life-long friends.

Do you find yourself in a perpetual data-entry nightmare, painstakingly moving information to and from bank accounts, custom reports, accounting systems, and other apps? There might be a better way.

Get back to what you do best-managing your organization. We specialize in finding opportunities to streamline your operations, potentially saving significant time and money.

IT Consulting

CTO-level expertise, available at every decision

In today’s web-driven world, oftentimes the success of an organization hinges on a technical decision. Do you really need to invest in that custom application or does an off-the-shelf product provide the best value? Perhaps you have a technical position to fill but don’t know how to ask the right questions.

With a gazillion options out there for hosting, email, financial tools, you name it- the technical decisions can be overwhelming. Let Programodo be the web wizard that’s missing from your organizational entourage. We provide CTO-level wisdom, scaled to fit your needs.


“When in need of a trusted development partner, there are a few traits that can make all of the difference between project success and failure. They must have skill, of course, but also creativity and a passion for the collaborative problem-solving these types of projects require. Programodo is a go-to partner for our digital efforts because they possess all of those qualities (in spades!) and lean into any curveballs we throw them.”
EJ Rudy
Manager, CN Digital @ Collective Next

Our Team

Cully Mason
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Meade Slocomb
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Durgesh Tayade
Development Manager


We have decades of experience working and integrating with a wide variety of frameworks, APIs, tools, and systems.

Contact us to see how we can build, maintain, and augment your systems to better align with your business needs.


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